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Lazarus Pony by Adran06 Lazarus Pony :iconadran06:Adran06 1 10
Where should I begin?
I guess the beginning is usually the best place. But there are so many different times I could call "beginnings", most of them are just as good as the others. I suppose I should start with who I am.
I can't tell you my name. Too many people who read this would come after me if they knew who I was. But the world needs to know. So here I sit, writing my story, telling you the truth of the events of the last year, rather than what all the governments want you to think is the truth.
I can tell you that I'm only 15. I'm a guy. I love technology. I hate working. If I could make money doing nothing, that's exactly what I'd do. If I could snap my fingers and just cause the world to change to what I want, I'd be more than satisfied. I have no friends (or at least, no friends who I've seen in person in the last 10 years).
It's hard to write these words down, as even now the memories of those days are still fresh in my mind, despite the time that has passed. This story reall
:iconadran06:Adran06 0 0
Caerus and Aeon CharacterSheet
Moniker: Caerus/Aeon
Known Alias: Worst Ally Ever
Civilian Identity (if known): John Andrews
Race: 1/2 Native American, 1/2 other stuff (but still human)
Base of Operations (include city): Wherever Lord Lazarus ends up
Home world: Earth
Age: 25
Appearance: To be detailed later
-Distinguishing marks:
Alignment: Neutral Good
Affiliations (Groups, Associates): Lord Lazarus, occasional interaction with TITS members
Uniform/costume (include colors): To be detailed
Equipment: Magic Coin
Powers/Abilities: Various magical abilities of weak strength when not using his coin, moderately powerful magical abilities primarily related to manipulation of possibilities (using Chance side of the coin), extremely powerful magical abilities related primarily to manipulation of time and fate (using Fate side of the coin).
Known Strengths: Extremely knowledgeable when it comes to m
:iconadran06:Adran06 0 0
Yue Charater Sheet
Moniker: Artemis (based on the diety of the same name)
Known Alias:
Civilian Identity (if known): Tsukiko Yue
Race: Japanese (Human)
Base of Operations (include city): Undetermined
Home world: Earth
Age: 16
-Eyes: Pink
-Hair: White
-Weight: You shouldn't ask a lady this.
-Height: 5'7"
-Distinguishing marks: Albino
Alignment: Lawful Good
Affiliations (Groups, Associates): Apollo
Lackeys/Minions: None
Uniform/costume (include colors): See the picture, it should be obvious.
Equipment: An unnamed crescent-shaped blade, and a sun pendant that is the link between her and her other half, allowing for unlimited range telepathy in the form of Astral Projection.
Powers/Abilities: Mostly minor psionic abilities that include the ability to place herself into a powerful healing trance (fairly accelerated regeneration at the cost of being asleep, and almost appearing to be dead, while healing), limited telepathy (can hear surface thoughts but not probe into a mind), uncontrolled and uncl
:iconadran06:Adran06 0 8
Finally Free...
I have no idea how long it's been. All I know is I have been alone since that day. The day I fell in battle.
This place I now find myself in is magical, there is no doubt about that. When I was defeated, I was leading my tribe against these savage monsters. One of them, a mage much like my teacher, cast some sort of spell at me, and I wasn't able to dodge it in time. The next thing I knew, I was here, in this place.
Nothing physical exists here. At all times, there are shadows moving just at the edge of my sight. People? Animals? I don't know. There is light, but no source for it. There is something to stand on, though there is no ground. What buildings can be seen are nothing more than misty mockeries of the buildings of my tribe, or another tribe, or places I've never seen.
I've been here so long. I've never had to eat, or drink, or sleep, nor have I aged. At least I could tell how much time passed if I aged, or got hungry, or could sleep. All I can do here is think. And I have spent
:iconadran06:Adran06 0 16
Lord Lazarus Bio
Name: Lord Ahiga Lazarus (Ahiga means "He fights")
Known languages: Native American Navajo and English
Fav color(s): Silver, Black, and earthy colors
Least fav color(s): Pink and bright neon colors
Fav food: Potato chips (mainly the wavy normal flavor kind)
Fav animal: Dragon
Least fav animal: dogs
Fav book(s): Any supernatural/sci-fi adventure
Fav place in the world: Any forest for the most part (though he prefers Native American reservations)
Fav occupation: Your Boss
Fav sport: Swordfighting
Fav holiday: Halloween
Least fav holiday: Thanksgiving
Fav time of year: Fall and Spring months equally liked
Least fav time of year: Summer and Winter equally disliked
Fav year: 1910 (the year he lead several successful battles against the invading English)
Least fav year: 1911 (the year he lost a critical battle and was hit by some sort of spell, which resulted in his being trapped in the pocket dimension he spent the next 100 years in)
Fav hobby: hunting/sparring
Hair color: Black with blonde
:iconadran06:Adran06 1 8


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So, for the last 2 years, I have been secretly working on a board game, which turned into a series of board games all linked together. It is just one of my many projects, but I have long since known there was a big block in my plans that had to be dealt with. I can't draw. Not even stick figures. So, I've posted a request for artists in the forums. Here's a link to the thread itself, where more details can be found. Feel free to ask questions either there or here.…
So, I saw a request for writing challenges in the forums, and as I was re-reading my challenge that I posted in the thread, I thought "why am I limiting the idea to just this one person?"

The idea is a Super Crossover Event. Basically, some villains discover a way to hop between worlds/dimensions, so they hop out of their own reality and recruit some backup as they go, until eventually they end up in either a specific dimension of one of the hero characters in the story, or an original dimension (most likely based off our own, and thus a "hero-less" world). The manipulation required to travel like this distorts reality, and several heroes from various worlds get pulled along for the ride when they get to the final destination (be it our dimension or the world of one of the heroes). From here, the story can basically go however you want. The heroes don't even have to win, though the heroes usually do in these kinds of things. There are only a few real requirements. You must have characters from each of the following categories in the story (and no more than one of each category, though characters who span multiple categories can be used for one of their categories).

This can be done in either Comic form, or Fanfic form, either is fine.

Comic Book Hero
Hero Team (minimum of 2 characters that work together as a team, but no more than 6 members of a team. so 6 members of the Justice League, not all 5,000,000)
Cartoon Hero
Anime Hero
Action Hero
Horror Hero (to clarify, the Hero of a Horror story, such as Ripley from Alien)
Classic Hero (like, 90s and earlier)
Fantasy Hero
Video Game Hero
Pet/Mascot (cannot be humanoid, and should generally not have human-level intelligence, but doesn't have to be stupid/joke character. Alternately, could be a non-anthropomorphic Animal Hero in which case it can have human-level intelligence)

The other side of the coin, the Villains, are going to use a reference I just found, but which works better than how I was going to do it.

Now, for this part, it depends how hard you want to make it for the heroes. The villains need to be epic. They need to be a threat. But how much of a threat the villains are can vary wildly if you have, for instance, The Emperor, instead of say someone like Kingpin. That said, for this part of the Challenge, pick anywhere from 5 to 15 Villains who fit the categories listed. Credit for the list goes to… but I put it on a Google docs to cut out the extra stuff/things that didn't fit the intended scope of the challenge and bring it down to just the list itself, and how they defined them.…

You can pick whatever you want for each category (and this challenge is open to anyone else too if they want it, so please share it in your fic if you take it up). They can be an insanely powerful team made up of the likes of Goku and Superman, or it could be a team of mere mortals like Jackie Chan the Drunken Master and Princess Peach. The point is, pick characters you like and are familiar with, and go wild. Now, this could be a relatively short one-shot, or an epic long 3-part trilogy of awesome introducing the characters over time. The fine details are up to you. If you do take it up, hope you have fun, and let me know!
This is a bit of an unusual request. As of this moment, I have little in the way of income, so I can't really make this a paid request with any confidence of being able to actually make said payment in a reasonable time frame, so guess this goes here.

That said, if any interested parties can do what I'm asking to a good enough level, and I can bring the game to production, any artists will be credited, and paid, based on their contributions and the success of the project.

That said, here's what I am needing right now.

Card/Character Artists
    There are a lot of cards. They all need card frames and backs, and preferably art work. This is a very big project, as the board has 50 cards, plus 6 different Player Character cards, and a number of NPC characters. The NPCs and Players also have Stands that need to be designed as well.

Board Artists
     The game will have multiple boards in the end, but is only going to launch with 1. It has not yet been decided which of the two finished boards will be used for the launch, Regardless, a level of creativity is needed for this job, as the boards are in Concept Art form at this time. One of them is far more detailed and closer to a finalized version (when it was made, since it was the second board, more time was afforded to make it a little more detailed, and thus it's a little beyond what I       would call "concept art" at this point). Details will be mostly 2D, but with a touch  of 3D elements. Need to be decent at environments of many types. Just the two boards we have right now include Castles (one in ruins), Swamps, Graveyards, Caves, Volcanoes, and Haunted Villages, just to name a few of the elements involved. While they don't need to be drawn out in huge, epic detail (this IS a board game after all), it is preferable for the area to be identified for what it is at a glance, so a certain level of detail is necessary. It is also necessary to clearly show paths, open doorways, locked doorways, and secret passages, potentially among other things. If you are open to doing work under this area, please keep these things in mind.

Box Artists
    Probably the least important at the moment, as it is likely to be impacted by the artwork in the other areas, I am still going to be looking for people eventually to fill the role of making an eye-catching box design. Fairly straight forward. There are some ideas already for this, but I am likely to hold off on actually putting any final decisions on a box design until I have other art work to use as a base for the box art itself.

Rulebook Artists
    This will be making a printable PDF form of the rules, and may include help rewriting the rules to make them easier to understand by those who HAVEN'T been play-testing the game for months on end, as well as nice art, good layout for the rules as a whole, and similar things.

Other Things
    While I can't think of anything else that will NEED an artist off the top of my head... well, I'm also not an artist. If you experienced artists have any tips, or know of something that is needed for this that I just don't have done yet, please let me know. I am always open to suggestions to improve.

Also, as it's kind of important, if anyone has any knowledge of the copyright laws as they relate to board games, I would appreciate advice on how to go about copyrighting my game as well. It's still a relatively small project at this point, even if it is playable, but I have to get it taken care of eventually (preferably before I start trying to figure out how to advertise it and stuff).
So, for the last 2 years, I have been secretly working on a board game, which turned into a series of board games all linked together. It is just one of my many projects, but I have long since known there was a big block in my plans that had to be dealt with. I can't draw. Not even stick figures. So, I've posted a request for artists in the forums. Here's a link to the thread itself, where more details can be found. Feel free to ask questions either there or here.…


Dragon Master
United States


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